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The pursuit of knowledge by using reason and logic has led to mankind's meteoric rise in capability. Critical thinking skills, where information is vetted through rational thought processes, have proven foundational.

Yet surprisingly, many people in modern society willingly forego these tenets of intellect for dubious claims of everything from paranormal and superstition to bad medicine based on long-proved false science.

All we ask is that people look at their faith and ask "does it add up?" Does prayer work as advertised? Do verifiable miracles happen? What really is the evidence for evolution and an old earth? Why does a loving God sentence the vast majority of humanity to eternal hell while being so coy about his very existence? And many other questions. If it doesn't add up, you should be asking yourself why. 



We hope you will join us in making the world a more reasonable place to live.



There are limits to what can be done on and with our limited planet, but whatever we do should be based on the best understanding that we can muster.
Periodic Table Of Woo
The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense. Courtesy of Crispian Jago


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